Our Pure & Soft Paneer

Varieties in Avarth


Enjoy the freshness of paneer in small pocket-friendly packets.
  • Avarth Special Malai Paneer.
  • Avarth Premium Paneer.
  • Avarth Masala Raw Paneer.
  • Available in 200g, 500g,1kg, 5kg packs
Available in 200g, 500g,1kg, 5kg packs Storage Condition for frozen Paneer: 0°C- 6°C Shelf Life for frozen Paneer: – 15 days as per storage condition

Who We Are

This is our third generation into the PANEER business in North India. We have built up our name by providing our clients the very best quality of Paneer, with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness.
The business of paneer was founded by our elders in forties which has come a long way from its origination in Delhi, now to almost every part of India. When first started, our passion for providing fresh and pure Paneer to our clients to satisfy their nutritious needs, drove us to introduce various varities of Paneer for kids and adults to make our brand “AVARTH” healthy as well as tasty.

Although, it’s just a beginning of our new brand “AVARTH” a vacuum packed Paneer with full of nutrition and purity as well as taste, we believe with our experience and expertise in pure Paneer manufacturing, we will win new hearts in India and overseas.

We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.